'Nellto' published Jay Salian's 12 sketches in their New Year Calendar - 2019. They have printed around 5000 copies & distributed to their clients all around the world.

Jay Chadaya Salian (Born on 23rd July,1977) from Bhandup, Mumbai, Maharashtra, has a collection of 1918 Rapid Character sketches drawn by himself on A4 size papers, using Pencil and Pen in Hatching technique and uploaded in web page jaysalian.wikifoundry.com and set a New Record on 8th January, 2018

Jay Salian is an Indian artist who lives and works in Mumbai, India. Both his black/ white pencil drawings andcolor pencil drawingsis a visual treat to the eyes. This artist has captured the emotions, light effects on the faces so beautifully, which makes you want more from the artist. Jay Salian takes on commission work and his pencil drawings became popular on the social media sites. Keep up the goodwork Jay and we are proud to have you in the art world. Jay Salian considers himself as an artist, mentor and an animator. So if you are interested in learning his technique, feel free to contact him on his facebook page. Have fun scrolling the amazing sketches done by Jay Salian, share them with your friends if you liked this post.

“Importance of line work and hatching can be realized by observing this tremendous sketches and paintings by Mr. Jay Salian from Mumbai”
-Academy of Fashion and Art (AFA INDIA)

Jay Salian is a famous Illustrator and designer known for his unique style. Born in the ever-bustling city of Mumbai, he first got interested in art sometime around secondary school. With lot of discussions, demonstrations and persistent practice of drawing every day, it was no wonder he later got addicted to art.

ಅದ್ಭುತ ಕಲೆಗಾರಿಕೆ. ಪದಗಳಿಗೆ ನಿಲುಕದ ಪ್ರತಿಭೆ. ಕಲಾವಿದ ಸಾಲಿಯಾನ್ ಅವರಿಗೆ ಅಭಿನಂದನೆಗಳು..
-ಪ್ರೊ. ಬರಗೂರು ರಾಮಚಂದ್ರಪ್ಪ

Visual Arts Bachelor Degree (B.F.A.)

ksou notice

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)
Collaboration with,
Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)

Lack of money, sufficient time and guidance is a major obstacle to Art Education. Some of those who want to study are unable to join full time Art schools due to lack of timing & financial support. Those who are keen to study are unable to reap rich benefits of quality Art Education. We, at JAF, are committed to bringing education to this section of the society. Our aim is to provide Free education to Working professionals, Who want to complete their Art college & Who want to gain practical knowledge to advance their careers. We are sharing knowledge without taking any charges/fees from students. Only they have to pay university charges.

a) B.F.A.- Painting
b) B.F.A.- Traditional Sculpture
c) B.F.A.- Applied Art
d) B.F.A.- Photography
e) B.F.A - Visual Art History
f) B.F.A.- Art Criticism
(Above Bachelor Degrees-Duration-3years)
g) B.F.A.- Honours
(Duration-1year- For those who already completed any related diploma)

Eligibility For Admission

Regulation 1: Direct admission for those who have attained 18 years.
Regulation 2. Intermediate / PUC(HSC) Pass / 10 + 2 Pass

How to obtain Application form and prospectus
1. An application form may be downloaded from the SALA’s Website: www.salamysore.com. on payment of Rs.280/- through separate DD along with prescribed course fee from any nationalized bank to upadhya Art Foundation(R), Mysore-2.
2. The prospectus / Prescribed application may be obtained on payment of Rs.260/- from the SALA in person.
2. The Prospectus / application may be obtained on payment of Rs.300/- either buy M.O. or through DD from SALA, Chamundi Hill step cross, Ooty Main Road, Mysore-570025.
3. The application / Prospectus may get from the Local couching centre/ Local art Teacher (Guru) directly on payment of Rs 260/- in you district.
Note: The student has to furnish DD number & date clearly in the application form.

How to apply
The student should study the prospectus carefully in detail and fill in the application form.The student has to furnish his choice of division and subject.

Instruction to Fill up application:
1. The student has to fill in application very carefully in his / her own handwriting. The typed applications will not be accepted
2. Your Division Means:Visual Art: The Subject Means: Painting/Sculpture/Applied art/History of Art/Art Criticism. The Class means: First year/ Second Year/Third year. All these above details should be written clearly and legibly in your application from.
3. The information about fee detail is given from 20 to 21 pages in the prospectus book. The DD for 25% of fee may be purchased in favour of Finance Officer. The DD for 75% of fee may be purchased in Favour of upadhya Art Foundation (R) N. R. Mohalla, Mysore-7.
4. The details about DD Number, date, Name of the Bank should be furnished in the prescribed column and DD should be enclosed to the application only. The fee will be received in the form of DD only but not in any other form.
5. The attested copies of original certificates of your education qualification should be enclosed along with application form. The detailed list of all education certificates should be furnished along with application.
6. Your recent photo should be affixed in the place prescribed in the application. The attested signature of any gezetted officer on your photo is a must.
7. The application form may be filled in either in English or in Kannada language only.
8. The original passed certificaties or Provisional certificaties and marks sheets are to be submitted along with 2 sets of attested Xerox copies.
9. In addition to the affixed photo on the application, you have to enclose four passport size extra photos along with application.
10. The filled in application form should be sent either by Registered post / by speed post or acknowledgement may obtained submitting in person.

Rules of Admission
a. The KSOU Mysore accords its approval for admission only after thorough verification of eligible applicants and the enclosed testimonials. The information about admission will be intimated by the SALA.
b. The Admission is opened for those who possess suitable education qualification. The selected candidates will be Intimated by post.

Note 1: If any fault find in the application filled, and in the documents enclosed such application will be totally rejected.
Note 2: The fee paid will not be returned or transferred to any other name soon after the candidate is declared eligible for admission.
Note 3: If the student does not find suitability for admission the DD and original documents will be returned along with application.
Note 4: The Candidate cannot claim the admission as a matter of right. The KSOU decides to drop such classes where sufficient number of students are not available. The fee amount and application of such students will be returned.

To Change of Class or Subject:
a. There is a provision either to change from one class to another or from one subject to another after the admission of the candidate. But, provided they his a provision for the admission in the designer class where the student seeks for a change.
b. The name of the student admitted will be added to registration register of the KSOU. If the student requests for a change of class or subject such student has to pay Prescribed fee.
c. The change of the class or subject can be entertained only in the first part of the academic year but not in the second part of the same academic year.

Submission and Return of Original Documents:
The KSOU or SALA will call for the original documents for verification whenever it filles necessary. The student then has to submit compulsory. The original documents (Marks sheets etc.) of the candidates will be returned through the SALA only after the verification done by the KSOU. In this connection the candidates are informed to affix Rs.30/- self addressed envelope along with the requisition letter for return of documents.

Registration Number and Identify Card:

a. The KSOU allots enrollment number to every student soon after his/her admission his over. This student has to furnish this registration number while corresponding either with KSOU or with SALA. No letter correspondence is entertained without the registration number.
b. The KSOU will give identity card along with enrollment number. The student has to keep the identity card safely and carefully till the completion of his course. The Student has to produce Identity Card at the time of contact classes, examination and borrowing library books.
c. In Case, the Identity card is lost, there is a provision that the may student obtain the second identity card on special payment of Rs.50/- in the form of DD in Favour of Finance officer, KSOU, Mysore. along with requisition letter and present photo which has to submitted to SALA.

The Local Art Teacher (The Local Art Guru)
  1. The SALA will identify local Art Teacher in their own place or in the nearest town. The details of these things will be intimated to the students. The student has to get tuition from such Identified or appointed local art teacher. The student should attend local school compulsorily.
  2. If the students are far from the cities, for such students must get tuition at least twice in a week from the nearest local art school teacher. If the student resides in a remote corner area, the student himself may identify and get tuition. The details of the teacher should be brought to the notice of SALA and obtain permission.
  3. The PG students of history of art need not get tuition from the local art teachers. They need not bring tuition certificate from the local art teacher.
  4. The students should pay 9 months tuition fee to the local art teacher in two equal instalments.
  5. If the student found continuously absent from the local coaching school suitable action will be taken against the student and, he/she will not be allowed to sit for examination.
  6. The lessons pertaining to practical subjects will not be supplied. The student should get tuition for both practical and Theory subjects from the local art teacher.
  7. The more and extra information will be given in the contact classes conducted by the SALA.
  8. The student should obtain tution attendance certificate from his local art teacher and submit the same to the SALA. There must be tution attendance certificate at least for 8 months. The student will not be allowed to take examination without the local art teachers attendance certificate.
Contact Classes
The student has to attend special training for individual contact special training classes, besides obtaining training in local coaching classes. The special contact classes for 15 days will be conducted in SALA. The student will gain his talent and skill during these days.
A group of 25 students will be formed in the special contact class of the SALA. The SALA invites such four groups to contact class camps simultaneously. The experts in the History of art and Veteran artists will be invited to take up special classes. The academic staff of the SALA will also take up classes. There will be 20% marks allocated for the painting works during of special contact classes. It is made compulsory that the student has to get 80% attendance in the special contact classes. The student is eligible to appear for the examination provided he gets 80% of attendance.
The SALA allots 20% internal marks for the paintings prepared by visual art student as well as Music, Dance student based on their displays achieved under the able guidance of local teachers of the local coaching centres. The SALA will give 20% internal marks to the displayed achievements during the contact classes. So, totally 40 marks are received for practical subjects. Hence, the student can improve and increase his talent with the help local teachers through contact class camps. Contact classes are very important and must for every student. 80% of attendance is compulsory and those who fail to attend the contact classes are not eligible to attend the examinations.

Internal Assignments
1.The internal marks will be given for the students’ internal assignments by following above said all types of teaching methods. The SALA will give internal marks before the examination.
2.The fixed date for the evaluation of internal assignment papers will be intimated to the student by the SALA. The student should submit one painting to SALA alone with the other paintings for the period and get evaluated for internal marks.
3.The students of Dance and Music departments should submit their internal assignments through audio visual cassettes or CDS for internal evaluation.

Internal Marks and Evaluation of Practical subjects
1. 40% of marks are prescribed for all practical subjects, study assignments, 60% of marks are for practical Examination papers.
2. 40% of marks will be given by dividing in two types. The contact class internal assignments carry 20% marks the assignments prepared under the guidance of the local teachers will carry 20% (20+20+40)
3. The academic staff of the SALA will give internal marks for the work done or achieved assignments under the guidance of the local art teachers. The concerned HOD and Dean jointly give internal marks.
4. The student has to submit his internal assignments for the entire year for internal evaluation to the HOD of the SALA before the payment of examination fee and get them back after the evaluation. This is the responsibility of the student.
5. The student compulsorily should obtain acknowledgement from the HOD of the SALA for submitting assignments for internal evaluation. The student has to submit this certificate to the office of the SALA. The hall ticket will not be given without this acknowledgement.
6. If the student has prepared sculpture of bigger size, he may take photos of its structure stage by stage. If it is impossible to carry to the SALA. The photos of all the stages should be submitted to the SALA for internal evaluation. The student should submit the key model of the bigger sculpture.
7. The student has to prepare smaller sculptures either at his home or in the local coaching centre and submit the same to the SALA for internal evaluation.
8. The SALA will give detail information as to how much internal assignments and paintings should be submitted in the contact classes. The students has to submit all those assignments is a must.
9. The internal assignments so submitted may get back immediately after the evaluation. The SALA or KSOU will not be responsible for his/her paintings.
10. If the student has prepared too big paintings which cannot be carried by any means of conveyance, the SALA academic staff will go to the students place for evaluation. The student has to bear the TA and DA expenses.
11. If the student is not able to submit prescribed number of paintings to the SALA for the internal evaluation. The internal evaluation of such student will be rejected.
12. The SALA takes best two paintings submitted by the students for internal evaluation. The SALA will not pay any financial relief for the too big paintings. The student is bound to oblige.

Internal marks of Theory subjects:
1. 20% marks are fixed for theory subject internal marks the remaining 80% marks fixed for Examination.
2. The SALA makes necessary arrangements to write dissertation in theory and present. The internal marks are reserved for this.
3. The final year P.G. students should submit a dissertation. The subject of the dissertation will be given by the HOD’s of the SALA. The dissertation should be submitted within the due date to the SALA intriplicate.
4. If the students failed to submit internal evaluation assignments and dissertation, such students will not be allowed to appear for examination.
5. The SALA will announce the last date to submit the dissertation and the subject for dissertation research work.
6. The SALA will send all internal marks of the students then and there it self to the KSOU.

Rules of Examination:
1. Examination will be held in the premises of the SALA. The student has to attend the examination at his / her own cost.
2. The SALA will provide drawing paper – mount board canvass surface for painting and applied art examination. The student has to bring colour – oil – brush etc and other materials at his / her risk.
3. The SALA will give clay and drawing paper only to the students of sculpture department for examination. The students should bring other articles and materials.
4. If the student fails in obtaining the required internal marks he will not be allowed to take examination.
5. The students of visual arts should submit fixed number of original Art works for internal evaluation. If they fail to submit the required number Art works such students will not be allowed to take examination.
6. The student has to obtain attendance certificate from the local art teacher or from the local coaching centre and submit the same to the SALA. Those who do not submit attendance certificate. Such students will not be permitted to take examination.
7. The practical and theory subjects examination papers will be evaluated by the examiners appointed by the KSOU.
8. The students failed in the internal assignments will not be allowed to sit for examination.
9. The students may submit the previous year assignments final degree, oral and display performining examinations or final year assignments.
10. There will be no any supplementary examination in theory and practical subjects. Only one annul examination will be held in a year.

About failed student:

1. If the student is failed in the practical subject he is not promoted for the next higher class. But, if the student is failed in the theory subject will be promoted to the next higher class.
2. If the students are failed in the practical subject and passed in the theory subject. Such students need not appear for examination in the theory subject.

Distance Education Council of IGNOU dissolved